Katie & Tom's Engagement Shoot

Katie & Tom’s engagement shoot over-looking the Thames Estuary in Leigh-on-Sea

Katie & Tom’s engagement shoot over-looking the Thames Estuary in Leigh-on-Sea

Choose one of the hottest days in July. Head over to Essex to Leigh-on-Sea where the Thames Estuary begins it’s journey towards London. Invite Katie and Tom along to take in the views, and you have the making for a great engagement shoot!

Whenever I plan an engagement shoot I try and fit in around the couple and find familiar surroundings close to them. This helps to relax them in front of the camera.

Katie and Tom certainly were relaxed and comfortable. We spent a few hours having a good laugh capturing some very natural photos for them.

When it comes to planning your wedding photography I would always recommend considering an engagement shoot to be included within your package. Not only do you get a selection of pre-wedding photos to treasure but just as importantly, it gives you a chance to experience being in front of the camera before your big day.

As a photographer these pre-wedding shoots helps us get a very good understanding of how couples react to having professional photos taken of them. Not everyone feels comfortable but it’s the photographer’s job to know what works and what doesn’t. This way, when it comes to your big day you will have experienced your photographer at work and your photographer will have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes and will create some amazing photos which suit you and your personal taste that you will love.

If I’m not familiar with an area, I always plan time before the shoot to walk around scouting for good locations for making the perfect images. Leigh-on-Sea, especially Old Leigh is home to the local boatyards and cockle sheds. With it’s narrow, quaint streets along the waterfront, I had so much to choose from.

As with any shoot, a photographer has to consider the time available so you have to be selective.

My first location was just along from the boatyard and the cockle sheds, where the boats lay anchored.

After a few photos there we moved on to an amazing wooden shelter over-looking the estuary. I could have spent all day if it wasn’t for time and the fading evening light. I hope you love the photos as much as I enjoyed making them.

I look forward to spending some time soon with Katie and Tom who have chosen to get married in Palma de Mallorca, surrounded by all their family and friends.

I for one, can not wait to be there to capture Katie and Tom’s gorgeous wedding day!

Stay tuned for more photos of Katie and Tom’s wedding soon. But until then, if you haven’t already visited, plan a trip to Leigh-on-Sea. Take in the fresh sea air. Sit back and taste the famous local cockles… and relax.

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